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Products & Services

Our Panels
Precision Panel Colorado insures that our panels are manufactured to the highest industry standards, and with strict quality control. We offer 4.5", 6.5", 8.25", 10.25" and 12.25" panels to meet the varied project requirements of our customers. Because of our quality and panel thickness options, our panels can be used for residential buildings, additions, commercial buildings and agricultural buildings.

Additionally, Precision Panel Colorado will customize panels to meet installation requirements and specifications.
  • Electrical Wire Chases
    Chases are precut into the foam core prior to the laminating process. Typical wire chases are 1.5" in diameter and are placed at 12" and 48" up from the floor horizontally around the walls and vertically every 4. However, custom wire chases can be placed anywhere in your wall or roof panel package. Wire chases can also be added for alarm systems, cable TV, etc.

  • Pre-Cut Rough Openings for Doors and Windows
    This includes removing the foam around the doors, leaving room for the dimensional lumber to be installed.

  • Pre-Cut Bottom and Top Plate
    Foam will be cut out along bottom and top of each panel so panel is ready to fit directly over the bottom and top plates.

  • All Foam Will Be Cut Out On Edges of Panels To Accept a Predetermined Spline
    In addition, foam will be cut out on center gable end panels to allow for assembly around the posts supporting your ridge beam (when applicable).

  • Panels Are Numbered According To the Shop Drawings
    This allows for easy identification and faster installation. Interior finishes can also be added to the panels at the factory (such as tongue and groove pine or cedar). All of this adds up to accelerated on-site construction schedules!

A Full Service Partner
Precision Panel Colorado offers much more than just panels to its customers. We also offer training, consulting, engineering and other services to help you get the job done. Whether it is a large scale commercial project, or a small do-it-yourself home modification, we work with you to help make your projects successful from beginning to end.

Some of our other services include:
  • Drafting and panel layout
  • Engineering of panels
  • Fabrication of panels
  • In-shop installation of most structural lumber including headers
  • Installation of panels on site
  • Consulting
  • Training
  • Referral services to help you grow your business
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